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The Miami Boat Show celebrated the love story from Floridians to boats of all shapes, sizes colors and budgets. This happening in Miami is one of the most important in Miami Florida attracting thousands of visitors every year. The Miami boat show is one of the most popular in the world, all major boat manufacturers attend this event in Miami to feature their latest models.

This year was not any different in spite of the grim economic environment. However, sales of smaller boats were definitely affected by the combination of the economic crisis and the soaring gasoline prices. It seems that only the super luxury yacht section of the market is still flourishing. The event attracted hordes of boat lovers, potential buyers as well as curious visitors. The event was split in 3 locations the Miami Beach Convention center, The Miami Marina at Bayside and the Sea Isle Marine Yachting center (on Collins and the 40's)

Miami Beach Convention Center

The exhibition was held indoor and outdoor, the outdoor portion included powerboats, smaller fishing boats, jet skis, and numerous booths selling either food or small accessories. Miami Beach Convention Center hosted a wide variety of boat manufacturers, boat service providers as well as accessory vendors. Exotic powerboats were definitely a very popular section, the Ferrari's and Lamborghini's of the waters fascinated kids, their parents and grand parents.

The indoor portion was more traditional with the largest small to midsize boat manufacturers, the Sea Rays, the Centuries, the Boston Whalers just to name a few. The Cigarette stand was as popular as ever with its incredible machines and superb boat operators: blonde and brunette bombshell barbies. This section also featured engine manufacturers and accessory vendors.

The Miami Marina at Bayside Market Place

This location was dedicated for sail boat lovers specifically, hosting the nicest sail boats of all sizes and all budgets. Motor boats have the supremacy on Floridian waters, but sail boats were well represented.

Collins and the 40's

This portion of the Miami Boat Show is always the most popular with the most beautiful large yachts. Visitors come either to buy or simply to dream. Vessels were magnificent; a large number of super yachts were featured. It is estimated that on this section of the water rests more than $ 1 billion worth of boats. The new trend started a few seasons ago seems to continue; the emergence of large sporty luxury yachts, such as the European Mangusta's, the Sunseeker's. The Grey color seemed to be on fashion as well, which gives an aggressive look to the beauties. This section of the Miami Boat Show, hosted also a yacht broker section where people were seen hunting for good deals. Discounts were numerous to lure buyers in such a difficult economic environment.
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