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Miami Cosmetic Surgery - Miami Plastic Surgery

Among other things, Miami is known for its beautiful people and rock-hard beach bodies. Sitting out on the beach is entertaining even if you are just people watching. Bikini-ready bodies are everywhere you turn. You will also notice that a lot of them are not attained with some simple crunches and exercise. Many turn to Miami Cosmetic Surgery to keep up with the seemingly perfect people in Miami.

Miami Plastic Surgery does not only pertain to beauty enhancements. Miami Cosmetic Surgery is widely used to correct skin damage due to an accident or to correct physical birth defects. Both men and women go for Miami Cosmetic Surgery. Plastic surgery is becoming more popular in the United States and even more so in Florida. If you are thinking about going for Miami Plastic Surgery, make sure you go to a reputable Miami Plastic Surgery doctor, check testimonials and listen to references from people you know.

ASPS Plastic Surgeons in Miami

1) Baruch Jacobs
Suite 305 400 Arthur Godfrey Road
Miami Beach, FL 33140-3528
P: (305) 674-8586
F: (305) 674-6686
Email: drjacobs@ miamibeachplasticsurgery.com
(2.12 miles)

4) Lance Raiffe
Suite 620 4302 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33140-2891
P: (305) 538-8658
F: (305) 531-5827
Email: drraiffe@aol.com
(2.19 miles)
7) Jack Davis Norman
Suite 940 848 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131-2949
P: (305) 358-7110
F: (305) 358-7111
(3.69 miles)
2) Leonard Tachmes
Suite 214 333 Arthur Godfrey Road
Miami Beach, FL 33140
P: (305) 531-9800
F: (305) 531-9801
Email: hello@TachmesMD.com
(2.13 miles)
5) Daniel Kane
Suite 740 4302 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33140-2891
P: (305) 531-6030
F: (305) 531-2406
Email: K4302@AOL.COM
(2.19 miles)
8) W. Scott McDonald
Suite 820 848 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
P: (305) 381-8900
F: (305) 379-6777
Email: wscottmcdonald@Bellsouth.net
(3.69 miles)
3) Gary Rosenbaum
Suite 420 4302 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33140-2891
P: (305) 538-7726
F: (305) 538-7725
Email: garyrosenbaum@aol.com
(2.19 miles)
6) Brandon Kallman
Suite 7000 4701 N. Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140
P: (305) 673-6164
F: (305) 534-9759
Email: drkallman@hotmail.com
(2.68 miles)
9) Robert Hunsaker
Suite 311 3550 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33137
P: (305) 279-4700
F: (305) 279-2717
Email: rhusonhun@AOL.COM
(3.81 miles)
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