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The City of Miami has hosted numerous Miami events throughout the years. This section maintains information on the most important Miami events, concerts, parties, holidays, and sports events held in Miami during 2007. If you need to know anything about 2007 Miami Beach and Miami events, here you will get it! We had collected the most representative events in Miami Florida, and now you can discover past years information and reviews that will certainly give you an indication of what to expect. Navigating through these articles on Miami biggest happenings certainly will help you to make your mind about which Miami Beach event suits you better.

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The 2007 Columbus Day Regatta Party
Participate in the Columbus day regatta party.

The Grove Slam fishing tournament
Find information about The Grove Slam fishing tournament.

NASCAR's Ford Championship

Enjoy a little introduction of the NASCAR's Ford Championship Weekend.

Bullrun Rally 2007
Find information about the Bullrun Rally 2007...

Air & Sea A tribute to heroes
This spectacular event was put together by 4,000 men and women from the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

Nelly Furtado in Concert
Nelly Furtado performed Wednesday, May 30th at Hollywood's Hard Rock Live.

Miami White Party week
November 21st through the 26th, South Florida will host the annual White Party Week.

4th of July Celebration

Come and celebrate Independence Day with live music, food, and fireworks in Miami Beach and Downtown!

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