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Posted on Saturday, 03.13.2010

Miami facts - City of Miami


The City of Miami and Miami Beach are famous for many things, but there are a few Miami facts most people don’t know:

Fun Miami Facts

The City of Miami and Miami Beach are known their extremely popular Art Deco architecture and style.  In fact, Miami has more art deco architecture than anywhere else in the whole world.

Pioneered by Julia Tuttle, the City of Miami is the only city in the U.S. to be planned by a woman.

The City of Miami is not all just sunny beaches; Miami is the only city in the U.S. that is bordered by two national parks, Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park.

Gatorade was named for the University of Florida Gators where the drink was first developed.

Fun Miami Beach Facts

South Florida has a type of species that is not found anywhere else and is only there during the winter months. It’s the “snow bird”, the name given to those residents that live in Florida only during the winter months.
There has been a long history and series of legal disputes between the city of Hollywood, California and Hollywood, Florida regarding the use of the name “Hollywood.”

In 1944 Benjamin Green,  a Miami Beach pharmacist, invented the first suntan lotion by cooking cocoa butter on a stove in 1944.
Miami is the first to install an automated teller bank machine specifically for rollerbladers.


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