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Posted on Thursday, 05.07.2009

Avaak Vue - Miami Travel Gadget of the Week

Feast your eyes on the first wireless security camera, the Avaak Vue. The Avaak Vue camera runs on batteries and uses a transmitter that consumes 99 percent less power than Wi-Fi. The Avaak Vue uses FrameMesh wireless technology.  FrameMesh saves power with less required data transmissions than Wi-Fi would need to maintain a connection between the cameras and an internet base station. The Miami  Travel Gadget of the Week also conserves energy by picking up low-power signals with sensitive antennas and limiting the error-correction process, which requires Wi-Fi transmitters to verify that the data in its entirety has been received.

Avaak FrameMesh was originally created for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop cameras and sensors for the U.S. Navy to drop in combat zones before troops arrived. The military is still testing the technology of the Miami Travel  Gadget of the Week but in the meantime, consumers can use it to protect the house, watch the baby and more.  Look at your video feeds, schedule recordings and invite others to watch your video through Avaak’s website. Soon, the Miami Travel adget of the Week will have viewing software for the iPhone and other smartphones. Even Facebook will have a plug-in to add the live video to status updates. The Miami Gadget of the Week can be used to protect against enemies or socialize with friends.

Purchase the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network. It is $300 for two cameras and a base station. Add $100 for each additional camera. For more information on the Avaak Vue, visit Vuezone.com.
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