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Posted on Tuesday, 12.23.2008 

Many times hybrid cars are purchased solely because they are easy on the environment. People do not normally buy them for their power or sexy style. The Tesla Roadster, of Tesla Motors, is the latest electric car built in Silicon Valley and it offers all that and more.

Miami’s gadget of the week is 100% electric, doesn’t burn oil and goes from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. Customers searching for traditional performance sports cars such as the BMW M6 or the Porsche 911 are opting for the Tesla Roadster because of its peerless power and handling.
 The Tesla Roadster offers 244 miles per charge and is as energy efficient as possible – all while producing great acceleration and one-tenth of the pollution contributed by traditional sports cars. Already, 500 of the 800 first Tesla Roadster model year builds have sold. For more information on Miami’s gadget of the week, visit Teslamotors.com.

Ask your local luxury rental car in Miami, if they have the Tesla Roadster in its fleet.  You can also ask your Miami hotel front-desk or your Miami Beach vacation rental agency about where to rent Miami's gadget of the week. Renting a Tesla Roadster will allow you to taste the fantastic Miami lifestyle.


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