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Posted on Tuesday, 03.17.2009

Miami Gadget of the Week, Miami lifestyle  - Wildcharge

Technology has reached unexpected heights and never stops improving. The Miami Gadget of the Week is a closer step to the awaited wireless charge of cell phones.

The Wildcharge is limited to BlackBerry phones. The Miami Gadget of the Week is not wireless but it is the closest thing we have to it today. Wildcharge is basically a pad that you plug into the wall. It comes with a urethane skin for you BlackBerry. The skin of the phone and the pad are magnetically attracted so that you can just toss your phone towards the pad when you finish a call and they will still together and charge the telephone.

The Miami Gadget of the Week basically helps make the charging process easier as you don’t have to plug the charger into the phone every time you hang up. Miami lifestyle is all about relaxation and making things easy; for that reason, the Wildcharge is the perfect accessory to Miami travel.

The Wildcharge is fast and therefore, efficient. For more information on the Wildcharge, visit www.wildcharge.com or call 020-7473 6771. If you want to know more about Miami lifestyle, keep reading the Miami Gadget of the Week section.

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