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Posted on Thursday, 03.12.2009

Miami Gay-friendly Venues - Gay Nightlife Miami

Miami is a gay friendly travel destination offering a wide variety of Miami attractions and things to do.  Miami Beach, more specifically South Beach, is the capital of gay nightlife in Miami.  Miami Beach’s local population is definitely considered gay-friendly but high property taxes and increasing real estate prices impacted the gay community as it has everyone else. Miami Beach has been a top destination for gay travelers for years but the last few years has seen a decrease in its gay and lesbian population. Many of Miami’s gay community moved further up north to reduce the impact of the drastically increased cost of living. This has negatively impacted and dramatically reduced the South Beach gay nightlife and Miami gay-friendly venues and thus, the social scene of South Beach.

A large number of gays and lesbians moved to Fort Lauderdale where they developed new up-and-coming gay-friendly neighborhoods.  South Beach is still popular among the gay community and is still home to a gay beach, Miami gay-friendly venues and gay nightlife including gay clubs and bars.  It is not so uncommon to see gay travelers spending their days in South Beach and enjoying the gay nightlife in Fort Lauderdale. They enjoy Miami’s Art Deco buildings, shopping, excellent restaurants and pristine beaches during the day. At night, they party in Fort Lauderdale’s gay nightlife. Find Miami Beach vacation rentals or Fort Lauderdale vacation rentals.

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