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Miami Children's Hospital is the largest freestanding pediatric teaching hospital in the Southeastern United States. Miami Children's Hospital is a 275-bed freestanding facility that treats over 185,000 pediatric patients each year, and is ranked among the best children’s hospitals in the U.S. Miami Children's Hospital has expertise in all aspects of pediatric medicine and serves children from birth to age 21.

Miami Children's Hospital provides comprehensive care and rehabilitation in all clinical areas for infants, children and young adults. Patient care services at Miami Children's Hospital focus on providing both patients and families with top-notch medical care, coupled with emotional, psychological, and educational support. In this section you will find information regarding Miami Children's services for patients and families. Also, this Miami hospital provides many unique, family-centered programs and services to the families and children served. Some programs help familiarize parents with MCH services, while others help them make the hospital experience less intimidating.

Miami Children's Hospital’s Contact Information

Miami Children's Hospital

3100 SW 62nd Avenue,

Miami, FL 33155



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