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The Jewish tradition has strict and complicated rules concerning the kind of foods that can be eaten. These Jewish dietary laws are known as Kashrut regulations; they originated in the bible thousands of years ago and were completed by rabbis throughout centuries. Today there are different branches of Judaism that are more or less liberal and that have different interpretation of the Jewish dietary laws. Branch of Judaism can be divided up in different categories from the least to the most conservative.

Branches of Judaism

  • Liberal
  • Conservative
  • Orthodox
  • Ultra orthodox

Each branch follows its own set of rules, from very liberal to extremely strict rules that the ultra orthodox branch follows. Each branch had its own authority that certifies which foods can bear their "Kosher label certification". Needless to say that ultra orthodox people would only eat in a Miami Kosher restaurants that bear its label. However, liberal Jews would eat in Ultra orthodox Miami Kosher restaurants.

The matter could be quite complicated to simplify it; we will bring a few principles that we will just relate without attempting to bring philosophical explanations behind the rules. The explanation of those rules are mostly sanitary and were brought about thousands of years ago as a way to avoid being sick.

Foods forbidden

  • Certain animals are forbidden, such as pork and horses.
  • Only mammal that eat green can be eaten no carnivore animals.
  • Shell fish and seafood are forbidden.
  • Some organs of permitted animals are forbidden.
  • Only certain kind of fishes are authorized the ones that have bones and scales.

Some other Kosher rules:

  • All blood must be drained from the meat.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be inspected and bugs should be removed.
  • Dairy products and meat cannot be mixed.
  • Birds and mammals must be killed following a traditional Jewish ritual.
  • Utensils used to cook and eat dairy foods and meat should be separated.

Those are the main rules, but the Kashrut involves many others.

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