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Is it dangerous to drive a motorcycle in Miami?

Driving a motorcycle always implies some risks, so you can follow the next tips to make your ride safer and avoid unnecessary fines.

  • At all times while driving a motorcycle in Miami proper care should be maintained, this is very important in Miami and Florida because local regulations do not require riders to wear a helmet. However, it is strongly suggested wearing a helmet at all times, specifically when cruising the highways.
  • Florida law requires motorcycle drivers to wear protective glasses during day and night, either with solar lenses or with transparent lenses. Riders that avoid this regulation will be stopped and fined.
  • In Florida, and in the U.S. local regulations treat motorcycles as cars, which means that riders should stay in their lane and cannot zigzag in between cars, this action is against the law and drivers could be fined for reckless driving.
  • Miami drivers are not specifically well-known as careful drivers; they can be characterized as undisciplined for some and old (which brings the same result).

Roads and streets are wide with multiple lanes usually monitored with an omnipresent police that makes sure that the law is respected. At the end, our assessment is that is rather safe to drive a motorcycle in Miami as long as proper caution is exercised.

Miami visitors can rent a bike through several rental agencies, concierge companies, or bike dealers, which usually provide rentals, too.  

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