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Posted on Friday, 03.06.2009

Miami scuba certification in 3 days, Miami scuba diving

Miami-info followed along to witness the Miami scuba diving certification of Gabriela, an 11 year-old girl visiting in Miami. The Miami scuba diving certification process took place at a North Miami scuba diving shop called H2O for just $325 and Gabriela attained her Miami scuba certification in 3 days.  
•    Day 1: Preparing for Miami scuba diving classes
Gabriela was given a book to prepare for the theory class that was to take place the following morning.
•    Day 2: Scuba theory
In a class that may usually include up to 6 people, Gabriela was the only student. Truth be told, scuba certification requires some serious studying and dedication but is definitely feasible. Fortunately, Gabriela had a private class and one-on-one attention from the instructor.
•    Day 3: Miami scuba diving test and final exam

The last day was long and started with the final diving test. The instructor, Oswaldo, and Gabriela boarded the Miami scuba diving boat and headed toward a small island in the Intracoastal Waterway, just 3 minutes from the Marina in North Miami. Gabriela was briefed by Oswaldo before she plunged into the water. She was directed to get comfortable with snorkeling first. Then, they climbed back on board, put their equipment on and jumped back into the water to practice the Miami scuba diving basics. The instructor was patient and calm. The instructor and Gabriela continuously jumped in and out of the water for a couple of hours until she mastered the art of diving. Afterwards, Oswaldo and Gabriela headed back to the H2O Miami scuba diving shop on Biscayne Boulevard for the final written test. Gabriela passed and achieved her Open Water Miami scuba certification in 3 days.
H2O’s Miami scuba diving instructor, Oswaldo, was a soothing and laid back professional instructor that knows his work well. At first, Gabriela seemed a bit anxious but became more relaxed within a just a short while. Scuba diving is a sport that requires serenity. An agitated diver can create a dangerous situation. After witnessing this Miami scuba diving certification, we strongly recommend the H2O scuba dive shop in North Miami to anyone who is interested in Miami scuba certification in 3 days with a professional and caring staff that will make your experience a great one. Choose from a variety of Miami vacation condos or Miami vacation homes in the area.
H2O scuba dive shop in North Miami
14382 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami Beach, Florida 33181
Phone: 305.956.DIVE
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