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Distance from Miami to Naples: 150 miles.
Approximate driving time 2.30 – 3 hours.
From Miami, take I-95 north, 595 west…follow the indications and you will get to Naples.

Naples is located on the west coast of Florida at a 2.30 hour drive from Miami. The way to get there is very easy and pleasant. After passing the City of Weston, the highway crosses the famous Everglades national park to reach the famous city of Naples. The ride is very pleasant, not too many cars and trucks and riders will find rest areas every 30 approximately.

Naples is the main city of the area and is mostly a vacationer trendy spot, the city is adorable, the cute downtown with its main street is manicured with plenty of great restaurants and luxury stores. Naples is definitely a very upscale resort destination attracting a mostly American crowd often coming from the Middle West. Naples offers luxury hotels, fine dining, and a wide variety of entertainment at night and during the day. Naples and Marco Island have acquired a top reputation either as a destination resorts to spend long vacations or to spend a weekend.

Naples is well known for its large white extended sandy beaches and its breathtaking sunsets. Visitors enjoy the beach and its related nautical activities, boating, fishing, sailing etc. Its white wide sandy beaches are truly spectacular, when walking on the sand you will discover plenty of shells of all sizes and colors, "collectors" of all ages will enjoy this activity.

Vacationers that enjoy classy shopping will wander in the streets of Naples or will hunt for bargains at outlets stores located in the outskirts of Naples.


This doll city will uncover all its treasures, with its wonderful homes and its incredible waterfront mansions. Naples attracted and keeps attracting millionaires from all over the world wishing to take advantage of what Naples has to offer. Naples and its surroundings are also well known for its numerous and quality golf courses. Naples Florida offers plenty of entertainment possibilities, theater, dancing, music, and more.

People that enjoy tourism can hop in a car or a motorcycle direction south to visit the well know Marco Island and discover its incredible charm and pristine beaches. Visitors will be amazed by the contrast offered by manicured lawns well tended golf courses and the wilderness of Florida everglades and its ten thousand islands. Naples and Marco Islands are surrounded by the everglades in its eastern parts and southern direction. The everglades are home to a rich faun, with alligators and birds a visit on an airboat is certainly a must.
Naples offers a very different atmosphere than Miami, its population is different, its water is different, and its architecture is different. Marco Island offers plenty of genuine "keys type" sea food restaurants that will truly transport you in a different environment.
The trip from Miami to Naples in a Harley is truly pleasant, easy and not too long. Once in Naples it is a pleasure to cruise its vicinity to explore the surroundings. Alternating biking mini trips and relaxing around a pool sipping a cocktail or walking on its superb beaches will undoubtedly relax you.

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