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Deering Estate is a Miami attraction that is rich with history and offers visitors and locals the opportunity to see nature in a way they cannot in the cities. Its goal is to transport the visitors of the Estate to a simpler time in Florida's history and give them a break from the frantic pace of the cities.

Richmond Cottage at Deering Estate was first built in 1896 and was the home of pioneer Samuel H. Richmond. The cottage was later rebuilt in 1916 by the new owner, Charles Deering, to serve as a winter home. The house stayed in that same condition until hurricane Andrew caused severe damage to the structure in 1992; however, the house was later restored. The Deering Estate also has the Carriage House (now the location of the Estate's Foundation), and the Stone House, built in 1922. It was originally built as a place for Charles Deering to keep his most valuable possessions safe, and now displays them for visitors to see.

The Deering Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that was started back in 1989 to ensure that the property and the land around will remain untouched and authentic as possible, serving as a historic landmark for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The Foundation accomplishes these goals through various fund-raising events and allowing people to become paid members of the Deering Foundation. They also raise funds through sales from the Estate's gift shop and thrive with the help of volunteers who help keep things running smoothly.

The historic park is not only home to unique buildings, but is also home of an Indian burial mound from the 1600's; in addition, the park homes several archeological sites that have taught scientists much about the people and animals that lived on the land thousands of years ago. The park also offers tours of the land, so people can learn and appreciate the more than 400 acres of land and the buildings that have withstood time and nature. It is also home to the largest pine Rockland habitat still in existence. Visitors can also see the mangrove forests, coastal dune island, and salt marshes.

Deering is an educational place with a solid commitment of teaching its history by allowing schools to tour the lands, as well as having some curriculum for the kids to work on. The tours offered include Bird Walks, Butterfly Hikes, and Canoe Tours on Biscayne Bay. With so much variety and history, Deering Estate is an ideal place for any family looking for fun and out-of-the-ordinary things to do in Miami. It also offers training programs for teachers and research opportunities. To become a member or book a visit or event, visit www.deeringestate.com today!
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