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Greyhound Racing has long been a part of South Florida's culture and the Flagler race track is the place to be if you want to see the action. Every day at 1 PM, a race takes place, and you can bet on your favorite dog.

Admission is free! And you can also play poker while you are there. While dog racing has been controversial in the past, new laws are in place to assure that the animals are treated as humanely as possible both during and after their careers are over. Such laws (covered under the Animal Welfare Act) include making sure the dogs have proper accommodations and care by assuring they are not fed any potentially harmful substances to improve their performance. Anyone caught violating any of the standards set for the care of the dogs is subject to losing its racing licenses and more.

Concerned about the dogs' well-being, the people in charge of the Flagler racing tracks have developed an interesting program that guarantees the re-location of the dogs that cannot race anymore. The program was named "Adopt a Greyhound". Nowadays, fans and dog lovers can actually adopt a dog or more if they like. The track's coordinators help the former racing Greyhounds to get new fantastic homes. In order to accomplished this important mission, every weekend visitors are allowed to meet former racing dogs and take one or more home as a new pet. Coco-Cola co-sponsors this event each weekend.

Flagler Race Track is located conveniently only minutes from both Miami and Fort Lauderdale, so you are never too far from a great experience. Either way, Miami Vacation Rentals, offers both Miami or Fort Lauderdale apartments for a better experience and comfort.You can easily bet on your favorite dog at any of the numerous tellers, or use one of their automated betting machines to place your wager. With hundreds of them located in the track, you never have to worry about missing your chance to bet. The track's coordinators make it even easier by providing free brochures explaining the better process in more detail. Flagler Race track accepts all standard bets in the following categories: win, place, trifecta and more. A full listing can be seen on the website.

While you wait for your race to start, you can also check out the sports bar or play a game of poker. The track is bilingual and welcomes families, as long as the kids are looked after by a parent or other guardian. It also hosts a flea market every weekend where you can find a large variety of goods at great prices.

To adopt your own grey hound, get information on upcoming or past races, see race simulcasts and more, visit the Flagler Race Track website at www.flaglerdogs.com

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