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Horse racing is a loved tradition that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Young children can delight at the strength, power and size of the gorgeous creatures that seem to go around the track in fast forward, while adults enjoy cheering for their favorite horse in hopes of a cash payout. Each person can find what they are looking for at the Gulfstream Race Track.

The Gulfstream Race track is a one mile, oval shaped course that also includes a 7 furlong turf course. Each year, from January to April, horses compete to see who will become the winner. The Florida Derby, which is an important race in the lead up o the biggest race, The Kentucky Derby, takes place every year at Gulfstream Park. For as little as $3-10, residents and visitors can enjoy an afternoon at the races with many other forms of entertainment available, including casinos, restaurants and shows.

Gulfstream Park has been in business since it opened on February 1, 1939 and has been the venue of many exciting horse's races. In 1939, the park ran races for four days, collecting a total of $441,561.The park closed from 1940 to 1943, but reopened in 1944 to continue an impressive journey that continues to this day, despite its difficult early days. The first Florida Derby took place there in 1952 and the 1953 derby was the first stakes to have over a 100,000 prize attached. 1957 was also a great year when General Duke matched the current World Record time. Overall, at least 19 Florida Derby winners have won the Kentucky Derby. Several years later, the turf course was opened and it quickly built a reputation that has yet to be matched. Full card simulcasting was made available to all the players in 1997, which helped the park to set handle records, something they were able to do for seven straight years, beginning in 1994. 2004 to 2006 found the park undergoing many renovations to improve its facilities and service to its customers. The renovations were made a little more difficult by hurricane season, but the season was able to proceed on schedule.

Being the venue of quality racing, gaming and entertainment, the Gulfstream Park is the ideal place to spend a day in South Florida. To find out more about the horses, schedules, post times and more, check out the website at www.gulfstreampark.com. It contains bios of the Jockeys and Trainers as well as schedules, standings, and even information on how to place a bet. Visitors to the site can also see the standings for the latest races and statistics to help make the best bet possible. Another great feature of the site is the chance to view a replay of recent races as well as see live video direct from the race track. Web users can also come to the site to place their bets using the express bet feature located on the track's page.

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