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If you want to know what it looks like to live in one of the most exciting cities of the world, Miami-info.com is the perfect guide of things to do in Miami. Our pictures offer Miami scenes of life, but also pictures of gorgeous Miami girls. Since Miami is blessed with year-round mild climates and unrivaled beaches, visitors but also locals, are most of the time relaxed, and have the feeling of being on an eternal vacation. In our photos you will witness the sparkling waters that are a magnet for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, and also the world renowned South Beach girls. There are tons on things to do in Miami and our pictures reveal how nice it is to be there, as well on a trip or to live there. Browse our pictures and watch how a simple scene of life is a thousand time more enjoyable under the sunny sky of Miami.

South Beach Girls
The most beautiful girls in the world can be found in South Beach...

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