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The foods of Morocco are highly influenced by the Arab culture. Also, Morocco cuisine counts with several spices that are key ingredients in most dishes. Mint, olives, and oranges are common to Moroccan food. Besides, other ingredients such as pomegranates, almonds, dates, walnuts, chestnuts, honey, barley, cherries and melon are part of this delicious and full of taste cuisine. The most important things in Moroccan cuisine are the size of the dishes, which are always huge, and the ritual of eating with a big group. Generally, the meals begin with a series of hot and cold salads. Then, the heaviest dish, often a lamb or chicken, is followed by a heaping plate of couscous topped with meats and vegetables. Sweet mint tea and bread are the perfect complement of each meal. Well-known Moroccan dishes are couscous, plumped semolina grains, tender roasted lamb, and succulent roasted chicken usually cooked with olives and lemon.

Even though Moroccans always say that the best meals are found not in the restaurants but in the homes, there are some Miami restaurants that serve incredible Moroccan style food. In addition, some of these popular Miami restaurants have Miami kosher certification. To enjoy the most delicious kosher style Moroccan food, you do not have to be a religious person just has to be open to new and interesting things.

Miami Moroccan Kosher Restaurants
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