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Amendment 21, Miami night clubs
Home | May 21, 2024
Going out at night is a popular pastime in the City of Miami, and there are plenty of options. Everywhere you turn, there’s a hot Miami night club and more are joining the city every year. One of these places takes you back to a simpler time: Amendment 21.

Yes, that is right... it is based on the amendment that made alcohol illegal and brought about a whole underground scene. The walls are covered with prohibition-related decorations and the furniture has an old fashioned look to it, making it a more unique place to hang out. That is not all there is to this hotspot of the Miami nightlife.

While it has become a popular part of South Beach night life, the club is a quiet hideaway. Located at 190 NE 46th Street in Miami, it has got subdued lighting and jazzy sounds. One of the regular acts there is Jesse Jackson, a talented musician who appears on Tuesdays. Other nights belong to Soul, Funk and R&B cts. If you are looking for a relatively quiet drink, it is recommended you show up between 6 and 8 PM every Tuesday through Thursday. Mondays, the club is closed.

If you would like more information on Amendment 21 Miami night club, check out their website at or call (305) 571-7200 .

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190 NE 46th Street
Miami, FL 33137
305 571 7200


North Miami

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