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Friday, 10.22.2010

Miami Hotels - Places to Stay in Miami Florida


There are plenty of places to stay in Miami Florida from hotels to short term Miami lodging apartments. Both industries seem to be faring well through this economic downturn.

According to a data provider for the lodging industry, in September occupancy and rates grew at hotels across South Florida, including Miami hotels.  Even though September is usually the regional hotel industry’s toughest month, the metrics saw an improvement.

Occupancy for hotels in Miami grew from 52.9 percent to 59.3 percent in the prior-year period. In Broward County, occupancy rose from 49.5 percent to 53.6 percent. Occupancy in Palm Beach County rose from 44.3 percent to 46.4 percent.

Across the U.S., occupancy grew to 59.9 percent from 56.1 percent.

The average daily room rate for Miami hotels increased 3.3 percent, from $105.69 to $109.17. The rate in Broward County rose 1.5 percent, from $82.58 to $83.84. The average in Palm Beach County was up 2.2 percent, from $89.67 to $91.66.

Nationwide, the average room rate rose 2 percent, from $97.38 to $99.31.

This hotel industry growth has come at the same time the Port of Miami said it broke its own record for cruise passengers. There were 4,145,053 passengers processed by the port in the year ended September 30, up from 4,110,100 for the prior year. This is an increase of 34,953 passengers.

The Port of Miami cruise industry and, to a lesser extent the Port Everglades, is a significant driver of hotel business in South Florida. Cruise passengers know that there are plenty of places to stay in Miami Florida. While many passengers stay in Miami Beach hotels while waiting to disembark, many more are choosing to stay in short-term Miami vacation rentals.
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