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With a perfect combination between an exclusive lounge and a powerful club ambience, Privé is one of Miami's most exclusive and electrifying settings. Several parties and special events take place at Privé throughout the year. This Miami night club is situated above sister club Opium Garden, yet it has its own entrance, which is typically packed with willing guests trying to get in.
Privé is considered the sexiest spot in the City of Miami. Everyone who visits Privé wants to come back again. The Saturday night parties are just amazing, all beautiful people in Miami gather Saturdays night at Privé Miami night club to have an incredible celebration. DJ Ron Luna & Nuvex are in charge of the sexy music that it is played every Saturday night. The music varies from sexy house and Hip - Hop to R&B. But the parties are not all there is to Privé; you can also meet your favorite artists there. Celebrities such as Kelis and Lindsay Lohan love Privé!

This Miami night club is the best Miami nightlife has to offer since only a VIP crowd is allowed. If you want to see the most gorgeous women in town, Privé is a must for you. Just be aware that the dress code is very rigid, so in order to be admitted you have to wear something that will definitely attract attention to you.

Privé Miami night club, located at 136 Collins Avenue in South Beach, offers a European inspired venue where the best of Miami’s society gathers in order to see and be seen. Celebrating at Privé will surely make you feel like the most privilege person in town. However, getting in can be a big challenge if you are not following the rules. It is highly recommended to do reservations in advance; this will save you a lot of time and will assure admission. If making a reservation is not your thing, just do your best to arrive early.

One of the most emblematic weekly events at Privé, Fashion Fridays, offer the ultimate occasion to get together with stunning Miami models. The Fashion Fridays are a must wanted Miami event hosted weekly at Privé. These parties are hosted by promising Miami models from the most high-status agencies of Miami. Generally, these events feature fashion shows and high products release events.

Privé opens Thursday through Sunday and Tuesdays from 11pm to 5am. Entrance fees vary between $20 and $30. To make a reservation call at 305.604.9726 or visit the website www.theopiumgroup.com

There is not other nightclub in town like Privé!

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