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Surfside, Florida is a small coastal town that was incorporated in 1935. It experienced some major growth after World War Two, but still has just under 5,000 residents. The officials running Surfside are dedicated to keeping it that way. They have passed many ordinances throughout the years to keep development under control. One such law prohibits any building from being over 12 stories. The town is a mix of the past and the present, as old structures stand alongside new homes and businesses.

Surfside is also home to several attractions. Besides the beach, there is a well regarded shopping district and community Center. If that is not enough, there is also the Surfside Veteran’s Park and the Surfside Tennis Courts. All this is located conveniently near the City of Miami, so you can be close to all the action.

The town is also a place where those of the Jewish faith can eat with confidence. There are several Miami restaurants in the area that adhere to Kosher standards, all under Rabbinical Supervision. One such restaurant is Care Vert at 9490 Harding Avenue. This great eatery features salad, pasta, sandwiches and more sure to satisfy anyone’s tastes. Coifiocchi is yet another option. This Italian eatery, located at 9477 Harding Avenue, offers Kosher Shabbet meals in a trendy setting. For those who love French Cuisine, there is Cine Citta Caffee, located at 9544 Harding Avenue. If these are not enough, Miami-Info.com offers more listings below, as well as contact information for all of them. You will definitely want to take advantage of this great resource and call ahead for reservations.

In the other pages of this section, Miami-Info.com also offers listings for other nearby cities. The information you find here will help you have fun and enjoy great food while adhering to your religious beliefs.

Kosher restaurants in Surfside
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