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Because of their portrayals in Will Smith’s hit song “Miami”, the short lived UPN series “South Beach”, and other forms of media, the babes of South Beach have become cultural icons known around the country. They are larger than life figures and held up as the ideal type of woman. Mention the words “South Beach” to anyone and these women are the first thing that comes to people’s minds.

The babes of South Beach are of all heights, ethnicities and races, the very definition of the cultural melting pot this town is known for. However, they have a lot of other things in common- they are all thin, toned, tan, and well groomed. They dress in skimpy clothes and have a sexy style all their own that many try to copy, but none can quite get it right. They are funny, smart and outgoing. Also, they are confident, bold and independent. They are uninhibited and usually the first to take a dare. That is not all there is to the South Beach babes, though, not by far.

The women that make up the human landscape of South Beach are as varied personally as they are on the outside, and they’re all a vital part of what makes South Beach such a desirable vacation destination for people from all over. They’re local, and they’re the ones that migrate to Florida from all parts of the world. They can be seen dancing the night away at any of the hot spots along South Beach, enjoying the varied sounds that fill the air. They’re also the women who frequent the restaurants or spend the day sunning themselves on the beach and splashing in the blue-green water, ensuring they’ll keep those world famous golden tans all year long. They’re the college girls who come during Spring Break to escape the frigid winters back home, and cut loose for the MTV cameras after working hard during the school year. You’ll probably even meet one of the South Beach babes when you call one of Miami’s escort services.

When you’re looking to get away from it all and have a great time in an ideal tropical environment, Miami’s South Beach is definitely the place to be. And the women here are ready and willing to show visitors how to have a wild time they’ll never forget in one of the world’s fastest growing hot spots. South Beach Vacation Rentals offers condos for tourists for a comfortable stay. Another way to enjoy the trip, the sun and the babes, Miami Boat Rentals offers rentals, even for a day. 

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