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When traveling to Miami, many tourists wish to visit the surrounding cities outside Miami. Each city holds a historic background which makes them relatively different. Nonetheless, the cities share two characteristics: hot humid weather and crystal- clear sandy beaches.

Visiting South Florida cities is a very interesting thing to do in Miami; in fact, it is one of the best Miami attractions. If you want to make your travel way more productive and fun, you have to travel out of the greater Miami area. Several excursions and tours depart from Miami to other cities each day, including Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Boca Raton, and Key West. However, you can always rent a car and drive to the city of your preference.

Miami-Info.com, your Miami travel guide, gives you the average distances between Miami and main South Florida cities to help you plan your trip in advance. Distances can help you choose the city that is better for you; you must take in consideration the length of your staying before making any decision because some of them are really close, but others are not. To estimate time, divide the distance mileage by 60. The result will give the approximate travel time; however, this tends to vary depending on weather and traffic flow on the road.

Southeast Florida (traveling from Miami- northbound)

City Mileage
Fort Lauderdale 22 miles / 36 km
Pompano Beach 32 miles / 52 km
Deerfield Beach 38 miles / 62 km
Boca Raton 39 miles / 63 km
Delray Beach 48 miles / 78 km
Boyton Beach 53 miles / 86 km
West Palm Beach 67 miles / 108 km
Port St. Lucie 104 miles / 168 km
Fort Pierce 118 miles / 190 km
Vero Beach 135 miles / 218 km
Cocoa Beach 186 miles / 300 km
Kissimmee 212 miles / 342 km
Orlando 235 miles / 380 km

Southwest Florida (traveling from Miami- northeast bound)

City Mileage

Naples 102 miles / 165 km
Ft. Myers 160 miles / 260 km
Cape Coral 126 miles / 203 km
Sarasota 180 miles / 290 km
St. Petersburg 203 miles / 327 km
Tampa 280 miles / 455 km

Florida Keys (traveling from Miami- southbound)

City Mileage
Key Largo 58 miles / 94 km
Isla Morada 76 miles / 123 km
Marathon 111 miles / 179 km
Key West 159 miles / 265 km

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