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Posted on Thursday, 03.12.2009

Gay Travel in Miami - Top Gay Miami Nightclubs

Gays and lesbians from all over the world rank South Beach and Miami among the top gay tourism destinations. Some of the gay Miami nightclubs play a huge part in the popularity of gay travel in Miami. Miami Beach is not what it is used to be as far as gay Miami nightclubs are concerned but it still has a wide variety of options for gay travel in Miami. Many gay Miami nightclubs are packed with shirtless, muscular gay men. Tight, rock-hard bodies are the norm in many of these gay Miami nightclubs.
If you want to explore something different while you are enjoying gay travel in Miami, get into your rented car or rent a Miami Limousine and head to Fort Lauderdale to discover the local gay clubs. Stay at any of the many gay-friendly Fort Lauderdale vacation rentals or Miami Beach vacation rentals.

Club Boi
726 NW 79th street Miami
Club Boi is located in mid-Miami within a 15-minute drive from South Beach. This gay Miami nightclubs been in business for 5 years. Club Boi has an abundance of beautiful gay men.
The Pawn Shop
1222 NE 2nd Ave
305 373 35 11
Pawn Shop is located in the recently renovated Downtown Miami next to the Miami Performing Arts Center. It is not a purely gay lounge. It attracts a straight crowd as well as a gay crowd to make an interesting mix. One thing that the two crowds have in common is that they are both trendy. The gay Miami nightclubs unique décor of this popular spot is made up of sections set up to resemble different transportation systems. The Pawn shop was recently ranked amongst the top 20 clubs in the country.
Loading zone
1426 Alton Road, Miami Beach
The Loading Zone is a comfortable, sexy spot. The crowd starts arriving after midnight. The gay Miami nightclubs real action starts by at least 3 AM. No dress code; just look sexy. Thursdays, come in dressed in leather or shirtless. The crowd is between age ranges of 20s to 50s.

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