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Posted on Wednesday, 08.26.2009

Top Luxury Miami Beach Hotels -  Miami Beach Hotels
Even the top luxury Miami Beach hotels are suffering in our current economy. The Delano Hotel and Shore Club are probably two of the most iconic top luxury Miami Beach hotels.  The Delano is facing a very tough challenge and saw its plunging revenues close to 33% per room.

The Shore Club is faring worse with a plunge of 40% in the first 6 months of the year.  Even the wealthiest travelers are watching their wallets. They are taking less vacation and for shorter periods of time. The Delano Hotel and Shore Club have seen a significant decline from business travelers as well.

The top luxury Miami Beach hotels are suffering tremendously but are still in a better position than hotels in other US states.  Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York and Los Angeles saw dramatic drops as well.
Between the Delano Hotel and Shore Club, the Delano in Miami Beach decided not to offer small discounts while the Shore Club offered a generous discount.  The Delano occupancy rate declined 20 % to 65 % to an average room rate of $530 a night. The Shore Club cut its rates by 26% to an average of $281 a night. Occupancy at the Shore Club dropped to a mere 54%.

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