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While navigating a vessel which have been rented in a boat rental Miami, the first thing you may want to do is to check every security requirement in other to make your trip as safe as possible; nonetheless, an emergency might still happen. It is strongly suggest for all boat rentals Miami that you know what to do before starting your trip. If you do not have sailing experience, ask your boat rental Miami which are the main steps you have to follow in an emergency.

If you have an imminent life threatening emergency, connect on Channel 16 and proceed to:

  2. This is “Name of the Boat" (repeat name of boat 3 times).
  3. Repeat more times, "MAYDAY", (your boat's name).
  4. Now report your position (give as accurate a position as possible).
  5. Explain nature of the emergency.
  6. Report number of people on board and condition of any injured.
  7. Give a description of the boat and wait for help.

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