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Free online videos of Fisher Island, Florida! Built originally in the 1920's by the Vanderbilts as their winter estate, Fisher Island has been synonym with opulence and wealth. A world-class private island community in South Florida with charming ocean side private Beach Club and intimate restaurants. Fisher Island has a superb Mediterranean-inspired Tennis Center, deep-sea water marinas, a golf course and spectacular Spas. Fisher Island is a great place to invest in real estates since it is pretty private but close enough to Miami Beach where all the action and attractions can be found.

The exclusive Fisher Island is home for several celebrities, access is provided through the use of a ferry. The access is severely guarded to preserve resident’s privacy. The only way to get in is to be a guest of one of the residents or to stay in the hotel’s island. The views show the classy and cozy mid high constructions, the super golf course and luxury marina. An ideal destination to enjoy VIP tourism in Miami! Visit the other pages of this video gallery to find more free online videos.



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