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Bal Harbour condos, Miami & Miami Beach real estate
Home | July 22, 2024

Bal Harbour condos and Miami condos for sale

Call MLR Realty at: 1-305- 673-3303 to get a consultation with a Miami realtor specialized in Bal Harbour and Miami real estate.
Ideally situated north of Miami Beach and south of Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour is one of the most upscale communities in Miami Florida, just beside the city of Surfside. Bal Harbour is known for its luxurious oceanfront Miami condos and beachfront Miami hotels. Recently the city has become a preferred Miami real estate area for pre-construction Miami lofts and Miami condos.

Developers are excited to bring luxury style living to the elegant town of Bal Harbour Florida. Bal Harbour offers miles of sandy beaches and the world-famous Bal Harbour shops which are a preferred location among famous people. The shops are within walking distance of the Miami real estate properties in Bal Harbour. The Halouver Beach Marina is just five minutes north; there you can see fishing boats and luxury yachts.

In addition, while being in Bal Harbour residents and visitors can enjoy VIP restaurants, cafes and retail shops, as well as easy access to some of the most important cities in Florida including Aventura, Sunny Isles, Surfside, Miami Beach, and South Beach. As a result, the city of Bal Harbour is a dreamy place to live and enjoy life.
Below you are invited to search the entire selection of currently Miami condos and Miami lofts for sale or for lease in Bal Harbour:


1 Name: Balmoral
Price Range:
$520,000 - $1,400,000

1 Name: Bellini
Price Range:
$2,350,000 - $11,900,000

1 Name: Kenilworth
Price Range:
$699,000 - $2,500,000

1 Name: Majestic
Price Range:
$1,270,000 - $3,680,000

1 Name: One Bal Harbour
Price Range:
$725,000 - $12,500,000

1 Name: Palace
Price Range:
$1,350,000 - $3,000,000

1 Name: St Regis
Price Range:

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