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Bay Harbor condos, Miami & Miami Beach real estate
Home | June 12, 2024

Bay Harbor condos and Miami condos for sale

Call MLR Realty at: 1-305- 673-3303 to get a consultation with a Miami realtor specialized in Bay Harbor and Miami real estate.
The location of Bay Harbor is just perfect at a walking distance from the famous town of Bal Harbour with its world renowned shops, its luxurious Miami condos and its incredible beaches. Bay Harbor is located 10 minutes south of Sunny Isles and Aventura and 15 minutes north of the world famous Miami Beach. Bay Harbor is divided into two areas known as, the west island and the east island. The west island is only comprised of single family homes, whereas the east island is comprised of multi-family Miami condos and Miami Beach condos with a small business district that offers retail, restaurants and office services. In addition, this Miami community is one of the safest in Florida with an omnipresent police department providing tranquility to its residents.

The east island is composed of mainly one and two story small historic apartment buildings in the heart of the island; with a few larger buildings surrounding the island and facing the water which provides amazing waterfront Miami condos. The Miami and Miami Beach real estate market is still affordable in the east island, where older Miami condos can still be purchased for very reasonable prices. On the other hand, the west island features large streets with manicured and perfectly maintained landscaping. Also, features luxurious single family homes, most of which are seated on large lots which provides a very clean and airy atmosphere.

In Bay Harbor, a Miami Florida real estate redevelopment phase is in the process, with a limited number of small sized and very exclusive buildings currently in construction, which will offer residents two types of properties: luxurious Miami condos luxurious Miami town homes.

Below you are invited to search the entire selection of currently Miami condos and Miami lofts for sale or for lease in Bay Harbor:


1 Name: Carroll Walk
Price Range:
$550,000 - $2,000,000

1 Name: Island Pointe
Price Range:
$249,900 - $889,000

1 Name: Nautique
Price Range:
$1,295,000 - $2,495,000

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