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There are plenty of activities to choose from while enjoying your stay in the land of sunny beaches and trendy nightlife. Of course, you do not want to waste your time deciding what to do in Miami.

The city of Miami offers a variety of events and attractions some of which are just as pleasing to the locals as to the tourists. Enjoy your stay in Miami while feeling like a true Miamian and attending the most traditional and exciting monthly or annual events.

Not only can you enjoy from the simple pleasures in life like a walk on the Old Rickenbacker Causeway, but you can also enjoy of the most modern outings like the Rainforest Garden Lounge in the Design District. As a visitor and foreigner, you can enjoy of the traditional cultural Fridays where you embrace and indulge in the Cuban culture. Where better than in Little Havana? You can move further south and relax in one of the most beautiful Florida Keys. Whether you choose to have a night out or a social event, you will enjoy any and all of the best activities Miami has to offer.

Best Cheap Thrill in Miami
Enjoy the best cheap thrill in Miami: a walk through the Old Ricker backer Causeway.

Best Kids' Thrill in Miami
Kids of all ages can enjoy of the thrill of annual marshmallow drop...

Best Urban Picnic Spot in Miami

Find the best urban picnic spot in Miami at the Rainforest Garden Lounge

Best Place to Take out-of-Towners in Miami
Take out-of-Towners to the monthly event held in Little Havana for a taste of the Latin culture.

Best Getaway in Miami
Enjoy a relaxing getaway in Miami at the beautiful Islamorada!

Best Place to Learn to Shoot in Miami
Learn to Shoot at the Trail Glades Range...

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