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Coconut Grove homes, Miami & Miami Beach homes for sale
Home | April 21, 2024

Miami Houses and Miami Homes for sale in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove houses are situated in the state’s southern region just south of downtown Miami and on the banks of Biscayne Bay which give Coconut Grove residents easy access to other major points in South Florida. Also, Coconut Grove is conveniently connected to the Brickell, the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport and Miami Beach. As a result, buying a Miami home or a Miami house in Coconut Grove can give access to everything.

Not only the city of Coconut Grove serves to inspire artists but it also gives its residents the opportunity to partake in a multitude of other activities. Coconut Grove provides a wide variety of aquatic activities; it has sailing clubs, several marinas and two yacht clubs which host yearly races and international regattas. In addition, the Grove has a commercial district which offers European-styled cafes as well as a plethora of boutiques that offer a upscale shopping experience. Other characteristic of Coconut Grove is his eclectic community which includes scientists, writers, intellectuals, and young professionals. Coconut Grove houses and Miami houses are in the ideal location for water sports such as sailing, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing.
Search Miami Real EstateSearch Miami houses and Miami homes in Coconut Grove is your number one online portal about the city of Miami. For a full list of available Miami homes and Miami houses or to get a consultation with one of the Miami realtors specialized in Miami Florida real estate in the Coconut Grove area please call to: 1-305- 673-3303 or write to



1 Name: Coconut Grove Mansion for Rent
Price Range:

1 Name: Pinecrest Manor
Price Range:

1 Name: Sunshine Villa at Coconut Grove
Price Range:

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