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Each year, Miami Memorial Day Weekend attracts hundreds of thousands of hip-hop fans that come to Miami and South Beach to enjoy three enjoyment-filled days packed with parties, events and, of course, celebrities. Memorial Day Holiday in Miami Beach has become into a hip-hop style extravaganza. Usually, during Miami Memorial Day Weekend the streets of Miami Beach are completely transformed. Even though the Miami Police is pretty well-organized and over 500 officers are on the streets, the Memorial Day Weekend in South Beach is consider our of the ordinary because of the increase of violence and occasional “two” shootings on the island during the celebration. Nevertheless, this is a big event in Miami and a perfect moment to get in touch with the latest trends in music and fashion. Every year Miami Beach Police makes its bets effort in order to ensure safety to all attendees. Just try to stay away from trouble!

This year, Miami Memorial Day Weekend is once more expected to be over the top. If you are planning to come to South Beach Miami, you must make your hotel reservations in advance because Miami Hotels are about 85 percent booked during this holiday, so the few rooms available will surely be more expensive. If you want to get a good deal for Miami Memorial Day Weekend, probably the best for you is to rent a vacation apartment or vacation home in South Beach. Furthermore, people coming to Miami Florida with a big group of friends will find in vacations rentals a great way to save money. Saving money during you staying in Miami is paramount because you will need it in order to party… South Beach night clubs are usually very upscale and over-priced.

Memorial Day Weekend Miami History

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Memorial Day Weekend Events in Miami
Miami's Memorial Day Weekend is full of events, including the Urban Beach Party, Best of the Best concert, and many parties at nighclubs and hotel's pools.

Memorial Day Weekend Miami Accommodations
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Memorial Day Restaurants and NightClubs in Miami
Find out which are the hot spots to party and eat in Miami during Memorial Day Weekend South Beach Miami, Florida.

Memorial Day Traffic & Parking Restrictions
Due to the increase of visitors in South Beach during Memorial Day Weekend, there a few traffic and parking restrictions...

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