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Posted on Friday, 10.23.2009

Apartments in Multifamily residential districts (RM1 zoning)

The City of Miami Beach is finalizing a process that began in September 2008. A new ordinance is about to pass and will ban short term rentals in RM1 districts (i.e. the Art Deco District). Exceptions will be made for right holders who were “grandfathered” in.
A license will be required to operate short term rentals. Vacation renters are urged to ask for a copy of the license before renting to avoid running the risk of being evicted from the rented vacation property.

Apartments and condos in commercial districts (RM2, RPS2 and more)

Commercial zoning areas of Miami Beach are suitable for short term rental activity. Buildings located in this zone may engage in short term renting if their condo documents allow it.  The vast majority of buildings in Miami Beach do not allow short term rentals. Some do allow it but have strict restrictions that limit them to monthly rentals only; in other words, weekly rentals in those buildings are forbidden.  
A license is required to operate short term rentals in Miami Beach. Vacation renters should ask for a copy of the license before renting to avoid the risk of eviction from the rented vacation property. Commercial districts of Miami Beach include: Washington Avenue, Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive and more. A simple rule of thumb:  streets with hotels and restaurants are usually considered commercial streets.

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