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Posted on Friday, 10.23.2009
In trying to avoid falling victim to fraud, it would help you to be familiar with typical scams so that you may recognize signs. Some of the most frequently seen scams include (but are not limited to):

  • Advertising a property that does not exist
  • Advertising a property that one does not rightfully own or have the right to rent out

Where can you expect to find scammers?

Unfortunately, scammers have many resources that help facilitate their devious profession/habit. Below is a list of places where you can expect to find vacation rental scams (from most common to least common).

  • Free classifieds websites (very frequently)
  • Paid vacation rental websites (occasionally)
  • Vacation rental agencies (very rare)
  • In the case of renting from a vacation rental agency, it is easier to detect the legitimacy of the company through the number of years in business, affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce of affiliation with the industry association.

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