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Posted on Friday, 10.23.2009
When code enforcement authorities are called about a violation of the law regarding short term rentals, do not be surprised if the police raid the house and evict the guests.

Locals consider both home owners and renters to be violating the law and both will be penalized. One question remains to be answered: What happens to the money that is paid for the holiday rental properties? Accepted legal principles suggest guests should be reimbursed; in all likelihood, they were “cheated” by holiday rental owners who rented out a vacation rental property that was not to be rented.  

Therefore, owners should reimburse their clients; if they don’t, renters should seek legal assistance to get their money back. Since most vacationers are from out-of-town and lawsuits are lengthy and expensive, vacationers are strongly urged to be cautious and conduct a thorough due diligence beforehand.

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