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Posted on Friday, 10.23.2009
Single Family homes in Single family districts
Based on the understanding of the Zoning Director of Miami Beach in February 2000, short term rentals for less than 6 months were prohibited.

This interpretation was added to the Miami Beach code in early 2009. On January 28, 2009, the City of Miami Beach voted unanimously to prohibit renting vacation properties for less than 6 months in single family home districts. All neighborhoods of Miami Beach are affected by this regulation; no short term rentals (rented for less than 6 months) are authorized in South Beach, Star Island, Hibiscus Islands, Venetian Islands, Biscayne Point and more….

Single Family homes in Multiple family residential districts (RM1 zoning)
The formulation of a new law is underway (goes into effect at the end of 2009 or early 2010); only “grandfathered” short term rental operators that practiced before the implementation of the new law will be able to operate short term rentals. 
A license to perform short term rentals will be required; vacation renters should ask for a copy of the license before renting if they do not want to run the risk of being evicted from the rented vacation property.

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