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Posted on Friday, 10.23.2009
When you hear someone speak about spam or fraud in regards to vacation rentals, they are usually referring to a situation in which they, or someone else, were cheated or deceived into a loss of monetary or property value. Examples of a vacation rental scam or fraud are:

•    The act of publishing an ad for a non-existent property
•    Advertising a property that you do not rightfully own or have the right to rent out

Is vacation rental fraud common?

Unfortunately, vacation rental fraud is common. Especially in a time where people are getting desperate to make some money, there is an increase in all sorts of fraudulent activity. The many people who are trying to make a profit off of someone else’s deception also have many avenues they may take.
There is an abundance of resources that make it easy for random people to advertise unverified properties.

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