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Surfside condos, Miami & Miami Beach real estate
Home | July 24, 2024

Surfside condos and Miami condos for sale

Call MLR Realty at: 1-305- 673-3303 to get a consultation with a Miami realtor specialized in Surfside and Miami real estate.
Ideally situated near all main cities in Miami Florida, Surfside area goes from 88th Street to 96th Street.

Surfside Beach is only one mile long, and it is now for its white sand and it’s crystal-clear water. Besides, Surfside’s beauty and serenity are only part of its appeal since it is also known as a hot spot for a variety of entertainment activities, such as concerts and cultural Miami events. Also, Surfside offers other recreational activities including tennis courts and other facilities. The city is among the world’s best places to live, and it is a preferred destination among visitors of all ages.

This small community is located between Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The Ocean, the Bal Harbour Shops, movies, parks and an elementary school are within walking distance. Surfside has its own wonderful business and commercial district with fine restaurants, all reasonably priced, and great variety of over 100 stores, shops and boutiques.

In the last years, young families have been moving in; therefore, all the Miami real estate – Miami homes and Miami condos are full of life. Overall, Surfside is within walking distance of world class shopping, fantastic public beaches, a number of public parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and recreational facilities, and so much more.

Below you are invited to search the entire selection of currently Miami condos and Miami lofts for sale or for lease in Surfside:


1 Name: Azure
Price Range:
$595,000 - $2,500,000

1 Name: Carlisle
Price Range:
$305,000 - $800,000

1 Name: Champlain Towers
Price Range:
$499,000 - $7,790,000

1 Name: Rimini Beach
Price Range:
$365,000 - $550,000

1 Name: Solimar
Price Range:
$625,000 - $2,650,000

1 Name: Surfside Palms
Price Range:
$339,000 - $349,000

1 Name: The waves
Price Range:
$469,000 - $799,000

1 Name: Waverly
Price Range:
$430,000 - $875,000

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