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The city of Miami is known all around the world for its amazing nightlife. In recent years, Miami nightlife has gained strength. Nowadays, Miami Beach and South Beach are considered important destinations for their wild nightlife, exceeding other United States’ cities like New York and L.A.

South Beach has hundreds of clubs offering great entertainment to all Miami visitors and locals. The area of South Beach is like no other in the world because it offers a chic city environment steps from the most beautiful Miami beaches. Popular Miami night clubs offer amazing nights out, parties, and special events, but that is not it, some of them also offer to its guests access to the beach where they can party while feeling the sand under their feet. Most Miami night clubs are frequently visited by the hottest celebrities in the world, so celebrity sighting is a preferred activity for all club lovers in Miami Florida.

Miami nightlife is fantastic! However, getting into the best night clubs can be a very difficult task. There are some things that you most have in mind before visiting a Miami night club including entrance policies, dress code, reservations, and best hours to arrive. Miami-Info.com, concern about your vacations and precious time, has prepared a quick guide that will help you to get in the best Miami night clubs.

  1. Know where are the best nights, parties, and special events are.
  2. Be part of online social networks as MySpace.com, Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, and Friendster.com where most party promoters are constantly giving advice on how to get in and how to be part of the A-list.
  3. If you are not a local, jus ask around! Ask valets, check-in men or women; waiters or waitresses; and concierges. They all will give the best tips about where to go out in Miami.
  4. Be aware of the dress code. Looking nice and sexy is the best guarantee.
  5. Keep in mind that most Miami night clubs have a very firm policy about underage guests, so if you are under 21 we suggest you to find other things to do in Miami. It is highly recommended to check the underage policy before visiting any club.
  6. Subscribe to your favorite night club mailing list. This way you will get weekly promotions and information on special events. Also, in some occasions you might get a special message that will give you direct access to the club on a specific night. Dj’s and party promoters’ mailing lists can give you the same advantages.
  7. Buy VIP passes. VIP passes can be bought in several websites, and they guarantee direct access to a specific club in a special night.
  8. If you have a big crowd, making a reservation will make everything easier and a lot cheaper. Reservations are highly recommended when you are planning and special celebration like a birthday or an anniversary in order to have the perfect night out.
  9. If you do not have a reservation, arriving early surely will make the waiting period shorter.
  10. Be prepared to wait, and not develop a bad attitude in the process since it could only extend your waiting.
  11. Most important of all do not rely on tipping the doorman. Unless you now the person, tipping the doorman is a very difficult mission. First, it won’t be cheap. Secondly, most Miami night clubs have great security men, and they can consider the act of tipping as an insult. Finally, they might take your money and never let you in, jus like that, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

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