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Posted on Sunday, 03.14.2010

Miami Lodging - Miami Beach Vacation Rentals


Thanks to the year round sunny weather and white sandy beaches, Miami is one of the most popular vacation destinations for travelers. However, the city is prepared and year after year vacationers have more Miami attractions, Miami Beach restaurants and Miami lodging options that they can choose from. The city of Miami offers so much to do and so many things to see that it is essential to do a bit of preplanning.


Below are four the  basic but important tips to help you plan your Miami Beach vacation:

The Basics:
Miami lodging
List of activities

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Choose the dates for your Miami vacation. Coordinate your vacation time, spouses work schedule and/or your child's school schedule if applicable. Once you know the dates you can start looking at Miami Beach vacation rentals and other details of your trip.

Step 2:
What’s your vacation Budget? Knowing your budget will help you determine what you will have to spend on transportation to Miami, your Miami lodging and daily spenditures once you have arrived. Budgeting in advance might enable you to save more. Divide your total budget amount by the amount of weeks until your Miami vacation date. If you are leaving in 8 weeks and need $1600, you now know to save at least $200 a week.

Step 3:
To narrow down the number of Miami Beach vacation rentals you may choose from you should first determine the size, location, price as well as which amenities you need. Therefore, when its time to start looking you can immediately weed out any vacation rentals that don’t fit your criteria.

Step 4:
Make a list of the Miami attractions and activities you want to see and do during your vacation. With transportation and lodging out of the way and deducted from your budget the monies left can go towards the fun stuff. Prioritize your list of activities keeping in mind you might not be able to do and see everything on your vacation.

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