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Here, you will find Miami information of interesting topics and helpful tips for travelers and even locals. We provide Miami information on Miami neighborhoods; we have a complete gay-oriented section specially designed for the huge gay community of Miami and South Beach. Other important community in South Florida, the Kosher community, can also find a little space in here. We have designed a mini Kosher Miami Guide with information on restaurants, groceries, attractions, and synagogues for local and tourist Jewish visitors. Additionally, you will find maps of Miami and General Miami information on activities, weddings, tattoos parlors, Miami free-online videos, Miami Florida Photos, and more. We hope this Miami information to be helpful and provide you the tips you need to know more about Miami.

Afterwards, our goal is to provide high-quality information on Miami, from luxury car rentals and vacation rentals in Miami, to sport teams and universities highlights. Do not forget to read our Things to do in Miami and Miami attractions' sections!

DECOBIKE Miami Beach
Find information on DECOBIKES, a Miami bike rental program that offers new green friendly convenient and economical Miami bikes.

History of Miami

A quick glance at the history of Miami...

Hotel Wedding Venues
There are many advantages to choosing one of the many hotel wedding venues in Miami Beach especially for those planning destination weddings in Miami.

Internships in The U.S
We currently offer a 3 – 6 month internship in the US and internship in Miami for international and local students.

Kosher Miami
South Florida is home to one of the largest of Jewish community in the country, approximately 645,000 people.

National Chain Gyms in Miami
We have compiled a list of the national Miami fitness gyms that offer the utmost in services and amenities to its members...

Miami Doctors
If you do need treatment or information on a health issue our Miami Gude has a list of Miami doctors ready to help you with your medical needs...

Miami Gyms by Area
Fitness in Miami seems to be of the utmost importance; here is a list of Miami gyms and health clubs that will keep you motivated...

Miami at a Glance
Find the best quick tips about miami...

Miami Local News

Find a daily selection of what is going on in Miami and South Florida. Miami local news updated daily!  

Miami Tourism Trends
Experts say that a majority of the medical tourism travelers are headed to the states and places like South Florida to see doctors at Miami hospitals.

Miami Newspapers
Find the list of newspapers in Miami...

Maps of Miami
Here you can find different maps of Miami and Miami Beach area.

Miami Video Gallery
It is commonly accepted that a video worth 1000 words. When preparing to travel to a new destination there is nothing better than browsing through video galleries...

Miami Neighborhoods

A quick glance at the main Miami neighborhoods.

Miami Photo Gallery
You can see differents pictures of Miami. The beaches, restaurants, nighclubs and some attractions. Get ready to know Miami!

Miami Tattoos
Miami Ink is one of the most popular reality shows in the US. It is also a tattoo shop located on Washington Avenue in the heart of South Beach.

Miami Indians
Florida used to be populated by Indians on most of its territory, from its northern part to its most southern tip. Throughout the centuries, act of wars, natural extinction and migratory effects resulted in only a few of them being still in Florida

Miami's movies and TV series
The wonderful city of Miami has been the background of unforgettable movies and TV series.

Miami Weddings
South Beach Florida is the ideal destination to organize a wedding ceremony.

Miami White Pages
Great resource! Find whoever you want in Miami, Florida. Miami White Pages.

Miami Yellow Pages
Great resource: Miami Yellow Pages!

SEO Miami Services
In order to successfully choose the best provider of SEO Miami Services, there are a few key things you should study about each candidate....

South Beach Diet Recipes
Find information about the most trendy South Beach diet recipes.

South Beach Girls
South Beach girls, for most men and women on the planet, represent or are considered a fantasy.

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Miami
South Florida is known for its fine cuisine, world-class entertainment and some of the most amazing wedding venues in Miami and Miami Beach.

University of Miami
Find good information about the University of Miami...

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