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South Florida is home to one of the largest of Jewish community in the country, approximately 645,000 people. The community is made of people coming from all over the world: American, Latin American, and European.

There are pockets of Orthodox communities, throughout the greater Miami, mainly in Miami Beach, Bal Barbour, and Aventura and Sunny Iles

Jews have been deeply rooted in the history of Miami. Since its creation, they have played a prominent role at all levels, political, social as well business activities.

Structures of a strong and influential communities followed with a large numbers of Miami kosher restaurants (there is a kashrut supervision department) of all types, grocery shopping and more than 100 synagogues.

Miami is therefore well equipped to welcome observant tourists from all over the world, it will be easy to find restaurants and synagogues within walking distances from were you tourists will be staying.

If you want to find the biggest selection of kosher restaurants in Miami Florida, please click here.

Jews and Miami Beach
The Jewish community is a significant force behind the development of Miami Beach...

Kosher Aventura
You will find a large selection of restaurants, groceries, synagogues and hotels in the Aventura area.

Kosher Bal harbour
The famous Bal Harbour has an important jewish community and therefore offers all kind of kosher shops, restaurants and synagogues.

Kosher Miami Beach
Check all the kosher restaurants, groceries, hotels and synagogues in Miami Beach.

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