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Posted Wednesday, 03.17.2010

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Are you planning your vacation and staying in vacation rentals Miami for the first time? If so, keep in mind that the "Rules of Etiquette" are much different then if you were staying in a hotel. When you stay in a vacation home you are the only guest unlike in a hotel. You will no longer be the  nameless face sharing a hotel with hundreds of other guests; you will be staying in someone’s private home. Staying in vacation rentals Miami is not the same as booking hotel accomodations Miami and the rules of etiquette change. All the comforts and luxury ammenities provided with Miami vacation rentals belong to the home owner, making them much more personal and should be treated as if you're staying with a friend.

The best advice, practice everyday nice manners. Here some answers to the most customary etiquette questions:

1. Don’t be late with out notice
Most accommodations Miami bypass a formal check-in by supplying lock boxes or an entry code containing the house key at the rental property. However if you are running late and have set up a specific time to pick up a key from the owner or management, you must call and let them know.  Be respectable and place a call with your new estimated time of arrival. If an owner is taking the time to meet you, please be courteous and let them know if you will be late or can  not make it. Remember, they are taking time out of their day and may have families waiting on them.

2. House guests
Most vacation rentals Miami will have listed details in the contract regarding overnight guests or parties. If you don’t know, call and ask for permission. You may forfeit some or all of your deposit if you risk it and have people over with out asking.

3. If you break something
Owners and management of Miami accommodations must keep inventory of rental contents so the next vacationer is supplied with the same items you had during your visit. If you break something be polite and tell the owner so it can be replaced for the next tenant. The odds are you won’t be made to pay for it.

4. Thank you
If you enjoy your vacation rental leave a quick note saying thank you. Often time s the owner will leave a rental guest book for you to place an entry in.

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