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Posted on Thursday, 03.12.2009
Things to do in Miami when it rains - Guide of Miami

Miami attracts vacationers with its constant sunshine and refreshing blue waters. However, there are times that it’s not so sunny and is instead, cloudy and rainy. If one of Miami’s rainy days happens during your vacation, you will be relieved to know that there are several indoor activities and things to do in Miami when it rains. Find a list of things to do in Miami when it rains in the Guide of Miami.

Tourists are more familiar with the outdoor activities listed in the Guide of Miami but we thought it may come in handy to know what indoor things to do in Miami when it rains.
  1. Go to local Miami Museums & Galleries
  2. Visit the Wynwood Miami Art District
  3. Go to the Movies - Miami Movie Theaters
  4. Enjoy shopping in Miami
  5. Party all night and sleep in all day
  6. Take classes (Miami workshops)
  7. Tak salsa classes on Lincoln Road Mall
  8. Practice Arabic dance
  9. Go to the gym in Miami
  10. Relax in a Miami day spa
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