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The New Times is Miami’s local magazine which weekly publishes the venues in the Miami area along with their offerings. Yearly, the magazine publishes a special issue showcasing the Best of Miami and the Best Miami attractions, from the best places to dine to the best shops and best Miami nightlife. This year over 400 venues were awarded with the title as the best places found in Miami. With its nineteenth issue, New Times provides with the best activities, cuisine, shops, excursions, and hot spots of the year in the City of Miami.

Now, Miami-info.com has chosen the best of the best in all the different categories to provide you with the most satisfying stay in Miami. Miami Florida and its hot spots offer the best entertainment and a collection of unforgettable nights. There are plenty of things to do in Miami, local Miamians and tourists from all over the world can now relax and take pleasure in every single thing that the city and its people have to offer. Additionally, our Miami guide provides information on various travel services from Miami luxury car rentals and Miami boat charters, to Miami hotel and Miami Beach vacation rental reservations online.
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Best Miami Activities
Find and enjoy the best activities during your stay in Miami

Best Places to Meet New People
Find the best places to meet new and exciting people in Miami!

Best Places for you
Treat yourself at some of the best places for you in Miami...

Best Places to Shop in Miami
Enjoy a shopping spree at the best places to shop in Miami!

Best Excursions

The best excursions in Miami include popular Miami attractions and venues offering variety and quality for any age and taste...

Best Places to Eat in Miami
Enjoy the great tastes Miami restaurants have to offer...

Best Bars & Music
Enjoy the South Beach nightlife at the best bars and clubs!

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