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Summer is almost here, and with it, the Atlantic Hurricane Season is once again upon us. Every June 1st through November 30th, South Florida residents and visitors alike begin a familiar routine of preparation. In the weeks and months that precede it, newscasters help residents by reminding them it is time to start getting ready to ensure everyone gets through the storm season safely. Officials use many ways to get the message out: they make pamphlets, produce TV specials about storm preparedness, as well as posting checklists and other helpful hints on the city website. Also, when a storm is threatening the area, most networks switch to 24-hour coverage so residents and visitors know what is going on.

The main ingredient in hurricane preparedness is common sense. Make sure you have the usual supplies: batteries, flashlights, non-perishables and water for at least three days, medications, books, portable TVs or radios, and first aid kits. Make sure your important papers are handy and stored in something that will keep them safe from water, etc. If you have animals, obviously you want to make sure you have everything they will need, too.

If you are in an area that is likely to be evacuated and you have pets, know where pet-friendly shelters are. Also, make sure you have got a full tank of gas in case you need to leave. One thing when getting together your supplies: do not panic and take way more then you will need. Other people need to shop, too. Other things you need include wood to board windows, mini-fans to keep cool and personal products such as toilet paper and paper towels.

That is not all there is to preparing, however. It is also a good idea to make sure you bring in any outdoor furniture, which can become dangerous projectiles if left out. You should trim your branches at the beginning of the season, too. Once a storm is on its way, the City of Miami will not be able to collect the brush. Tourist and visitors staying in Miami hotels and Miami Beach vacation rentals can ask for tips to the managers. In addition, if you rented a car from a luxury car rental of Miami, feel free to contact them to ask them about their hurricanes’ policy. People who do not know where to get the essential supplies can count on a concierge services company in Miami. Concierge companies can buy the supplies for you and take them to your hotel or vacation rental.

The City of Miami is also there to make sure everyone will be safe and things run smoothly. As soon as a storm threatens, teams are immediately activated to open shelters, assist special needs residents/visitors in evacuating, delivering supplies, as well as cleaning up and restoring services once the storm has passed. Through it all, the hurricane center is keeping on top of the storm and getting important updates out there.

Again, the most important thing to remember this hurricane season is not to panic. We have all seen pictures of what a bad storm can do, but the fact is, these storms are rare and very few actually hit the area. While that I s not an excuse to put off making your preparations it is a good thing to keep in mind, as those 24 hour newscasts can be unnerving. Stay calm, prepare, and follow officials' instructions (Evacuate if instructed to and do not decide now is the perfect time to go catch that wave. Surfing can wait.) And you will be back to hitting the beach before you know it.

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