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Be careful not to get pulled over when driving in the US. Some police watch and wait for the smallest traffic infractions. When driving in Los Angeles, it is not uncommon to see a police officer through your rear-view mirror, following you and waiting for you to make the slightest mistake. Fortunately, Miami police focus to "protect and serve". Of course, you can still get pulled over for traffic violations. Many out-of-towners driving on Miami's highways during their introduction to driving in Miami initially feel stressed by the many backed-up lanes, the abundance of cars and the many large trucks. Ultimately, after their introduction to driving in Miami, visitors learn and adapt to Miami's way of driving, especially with the help of a guide of Miami.

When driving in a different country or city, drivers should familiarize themselves with the regulations and laws and how they are applied by local authorities. As part of an introduction to driving in Miami found in a guide of Miami, drivers in Miami need to understand the "Miami driver". Miami drivers are known to be undisciplined and not very respectful of speed limits.

Driving in Miami is challenging but you will adjust quickly after an introduction to driving in Miami found in a guide of Miami. Many drivers turn left or right without indicating with their blinker. Some may even indicate that they will turn left when instead, they turn right. Police officers can be more lenient with tourists, especially if they come from a different country or don't speak English or Spanish.
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How to Behave when Pulled Over by the Police
Visitors driving in Miami should know that when a police officer asks drivers to stop, the driver must comply immediately.

What to do if you get in an Accident in Miami
Vacationers should always purchase full insurance or pay with a premium business credit card that provides similar benefits incase they have a car accident in Miami.

Emergencies on the Road of Miami
What should you do in the case of a stressful experience on the road? Miami is a big city and it is not unlikely that you will hear emergency sirens...

Respecting Red Lights Signal in Miami
Getting caught running a red light will cost quite a bit. Several areas in Miami have installed photograph robots...

Respecting Stop Signs in Miami
If you are renting a car for your vacation in Miami, you should know some important Miami driving rules which you can find in the Miami city guide.

School Buses in Miami
School buses in Miami, be careful when driving in Miami...

School Zone Speed Limitations in Miami
Check a guide of Miami to see specific times. Police officers strictly enforce speed restrictions and violators driving in Miami...

Use of Radar Detectors in Miami
The use of radar detectors in Miami is allowable for drivers. It is completely legal for them to purchase these devices that help them ensure they will not be caug

Avoid police's radars and lasers
If you are spending your holidays in Miami or Miami Beach, follow our driving tips from our guide to driving in Miami to avoid problems.

NEW Miami Radar System
The city of Surfside, just north of Miami Beach and south of Bal Harbour has introduced a new Miami radar system used to track speeders.

Use of Seat Belts in Miami
Miami’s different municipalities regularly conduct campaigns to ensure that Miami drivers buckle up.

Cell Phones While Driving in Miami
In 2001, Miami Dade became the first county in Florida to restrict the use of cell phones while driving.

Turning Right on Red Lights in Miami
According to the Miami city guide, when turning right on red lights, drivers are required to check all traffic signals, the pedestrian walkway and other details before proceeding.

HOV lanes in Miami
HOV lanes in Miami are reserved for vehicles that are occupied by more than one person (an inflatable doll does not count).

Sunpass in Miami Florida
The Sunpass in Miami Florida is a prepaid device that you attach to your windshield and transmits a radio signal to sensors mounted in the toll lanes when you drive through...

Miami Traffic Lawyers
In Miami you can dispute your violations or fines with the help of a specialized lawyer. There is a good chance you can be let off the hook if you hire the right Miami traffic lawyer.

Parking a Motorcycle in Miami
The city has specific parking spots designated specifically for parking a motorcycle in Miami.

Driving a Motorcycle or Scooter in Miami
Driving a motorcycle or scooter in Miami that is more powerful than 50 cc requires a valid motorcycle license.

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