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Miami is the Mecca for the entertainment and recreation. Thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy this magical city and all Miami has to offer. Here we have a selection of 10 fun things to in Miami. We hope this information helps you organize your vacations, vacation ideas and tours to enjoy your time in Miami at the most. There are many Miami adventures available, but we have selected the ten must fun things to do in Miami. Our selection is based on uniqueness, adventure, and lots of fun.

Miami is a big city with a beach environment; therefore, you cannot be surprised when you realize most of highly-recommended things to do in Miami are water-based sports and tourist activities. Kite surfing, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming with dolphins, and jet skiing are on our list.

For instance, if you are an avid fisher, renting a fishing boat might be an ideal activity while in Miami. There are many companies and boat charters in Miami offering this service.

Other great fun things to do in Miami include skydiving, gliders, balloonride, and flying a jet. Miami adventures are many, come and discover them by yourself!

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Top Things To Do in Miami
Enjoy our fave things to do in Miami, Florida: shopping, clubbing, going to the beach...

Balloonride in Miami
There are a few things so beautiful like flying through the sky of Miami on a balloon. There is not better way to see the city of Miami than on a hot air balloon ride up in the air.

Fishing in Miami
Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Miami, there’s a lot of fishing lovers that live or come to Miami to enjoy of this fantastic sport.

Gliders in Miami
If you are looking for adventure on the air Gliders offers an untypical experience with a modern and different way to fly.

Jetskiing in Miami
Are you a water sport lover? Like speed and some action on the water? If you answer yes to these questions Jet Ski is the perfect sport for you.

Kitesurfing in Miami

Where to kite surf in Miami

Learn to Fly Miami
Powered flights took off over a hundred years ago and since then the history of the humanity has changed considerable. Now it's time for you to experience how to fly.

Parasailing in Miami
Experience the sensation of parasailing over the blue clear water of the Atlantic Ocean, while you on the air you will have a view of the beaches, skylines of the city, Key Biscayne and even the Everglades.

Scubadiving in Miami
If you are a scuba diving lover Miami is the right place for you. With artificial reef construction and natural rocks and coral reefs off Miami Beach have offered divers miles of scuba diving spots.

Skydiving in Miami
Skydiving in Miami is one of the wildest and more exciting sport experiences that you could ever have.

Swim with Dolphins in Miami
Dolphins are one of the most intelligent and fascinating marine mammals. Now you can experience by yourself how fascinating and exciting it is to be with these funny and lovely mammals in their own habitat.

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