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Miami has everything you can imagine to enjoy a great vacation time. However, when in Miami there is some additional information that may be really helpful. Whether you need to know how and where to rent a car, rent a bike, take a cruise to the Caribbean, need legal counseling, or just looking for a cyber café in South Beach, we give you hot Miami travel tips to help you find exactly what you are looking for.
Browse around our Miami travel tips’ section and find information on the Miami International Airport, parking information, Miami boat rentals, health tips, hospitals, and everything about Miami’s weather.

Our Miami guide can also provide you with access to free concierge services provided by BestMiamiConcierge.com Whatever you may need, from car rentals to reservations or maid service to babysitters, BestMiamiConcierge.com will provide it.

Our Miami Guide can provide ou with discounted Miami Beach lodging. What ever you want, from a luxury ocean-front hotel, to a Miami Beach vacation rental, we can help you make the right decision. We prepared these helpful Miami travel tips for you to make your visit to Miami an unforgettable experience. Do not forget to read our Things to do in Miami and Miami attractions' sections!

Boat Rentals in Miami
You can choose between a luxury yacht charter, a wedding charter, a corporate yacht charter, or a sailboat, powerboat or catamaran rental.

Best Periods to Visit Miami
Miami travel information, when to come to Miami...

Bike Rentals in Miami
Directory of bike rentals in Miami. Use mountain and road bikes to ride around South Beach.

Cleaning Services in Miami
Find our selection of maids and cleaning services in Miami...

Consulates in Miami
Miami becoming an important business center in the US, a large number of countries decided to open up consulates in Miami.

Driving in Miami
Be careful not to get pulled over when driving in the US. Some police watch and wait for the smallest traffic infractions.

Miami Car Rentals
Compare Car Rental in Miami Beach. Comprehensive directory of Miami Beach car .You can where they are located, their info and some pictures.

Health Tips in Miami
Find useful information about Florida hospitals, doctors, dentist, chiropractors and much more...

Miami & Miami Beach Deals
Find the best Miami deals and Miami Beach deals! Discover where to go and what to do to get great offers and low prices.

Miami vacation rental tips
Our Miami Guide offers the top five tips on Miami beach vacation rentals and  accommodations Miami...

Miami Babysitters
Find babysitters and nannies resources in Miami...

Miami Cruises
The Port of Miami — the Home Port-of-Call — has long been known as the “Cruise Capital of the World" with over 4 million passengers travel trough it each year..

Miami Exotic Car Rentals
Enjoy the attention and the first-class treatment when pulling up in an exclusive and unique exotic car.

Miami's Hurricane Season
Know when begins the hurricane season in Miami...

Miami's gadget of the week
Miami's gadget of the week section has the sole purpose to promote new technology gadgets related to our city.

Miami Int. Airport
Miami Airport (MIA) is the third busiest airport in the United States, carrying over 20 million passengers to and from 160 cities worldwide.

Miami Official Travel Websites

Find the official Miami tourism sites that you can visit before coming to Miami...

Miami Parking
When you come to Miami you might need to rent a car to move freely around the city. If you are staying in Miami Beach parking could be a problem if you don't know where to park.

Miami Transportation

Miami transportation allows for many options to travel throughout the city… from car rentals in Miami to cabs to metrobuses and metrorails.

Miami Web Cafes & Wifi Spots
Are you one of those people who ca not live without Internet, even while on vacation?

Opening Hours & Public Holidays

Know the opening hours of the Miami attractions and the public holidays of the city of Miami.

Phones and Cellular Phones

Know the best ways to stay communicated during your stay in the city of Miami

Rentals in Miami
Miami and Miami Beach rentals include vacation rentals, car rentals, luxury car rentals, bike rentals, motorcycle rentals, and boat rentals among others...

Studying English in Miami
English students in Miami, learn how to become one...

Tipping in Miami

Get tips on tipping in Miami restaurant, hotel, and taxi cab services.

Vacationing with Pet in Miami
Vacationing with pet in Miami can make for a great holiday if you plan carefully and follow these simple pet travel tips:

Visit of Miami the CSI Miami's Way
Enjoy a visit of Miami the CSI Miami's way...

Weather Florida - Miami
Florida is known for its warm and pleasant weather, which is why it is one of the top tourist destinations in North America and has been named "The Sunshine State".

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